radenso radar detector canada

Radenso Radar Brand

Radenso, founded in 2012, is a high performance radar detector manufacturer with a strong focus on false alert filtering, and photo radar (MRCD/CT) detection.

  • Long-range radar detection performance
  • Smallest size and form factor
  • Competitive pricing vs. Escort Radar brand detectors
  • Effective filtering against false K-band and MRCD alerts
  • GPS camera database (red-light + speed cam) and speed sense mute
Which Radenso models are offered in Canada?
  • Best Portable: Radenso Pro M (long-range with MultaRadar)
  • Affordable Portable: Radenso XP (Quiet and affordable radar detector)
  • Best Custom Installed: Radenso RC M (longest-range, stealth, MRCD)
  • Upcoming AI-powered Radenso THEIA