Uniden Sale

Uniden R3 - back in stock (shipping early August!)

Uniden DFR8 only $348.00

Uniden DFR9 (GPS camera database)- only $448

Radenso Sale - radar detectors

Radenso Pro-M - only $698 with free hardwire

Escort Radar Sale

Escort Max3 - new radar detector replacing Max2 / iXc

Escort Max360c - directional arrows

2021's All-new Redline 360c - in stock and shipping; save $50

Regular Package Discount (Radar + AL Priority Bundle)

Save $100 - $150 on selections of ALP-HiFi + radar detector package.

  • ALP with Radenso RC-M bundle - save extra $150 with ALP150
  • ALP with Uniden R7 / Radenso Pro M - save extra $100 with ALP100
Demo Radenso RC-M discount - RCM with front radar receiver
Best Laser Defence on the market

2021 Monthly Deals