Who needs an undetectable radar detector in Canada?

Use of a radar detector is prohibited in the following Canadian provinces: Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Yukon, and NWT.

But don't worry - we have solutions for you!

If you live in a province listed above, or plan to travel through the eastern provinces, you will need an undetectable radar detector, designed to be stealth and invisible to police Spectre radar-detector-detectors (RDD). Total Shield technology by Beltronics and Escort Radar eliminates leakage signal from radar receivers. Uniden also launches its own line of stealth detectors such as the R Series (R3 / R7), crowned to be enthusiasts' favourite and the best portable detectors of the year.

Overview, Comparison, and Reviews on Undetectable Radar Detectors

Which radar detector do we recommend for Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, and Atlantic Canada?

Top-Picks Portable: Escort Redline 360c, Uniden R-Series, Radenso DS1

Uniden R3

Uniden R3 is currently the most affordable, functionally-stealth radar detector on the market. It features long-range detection like any Uniden R-series, GPS camera database, Quiet-Ride and Mute-Memory. R3 inventory has been replenished and is now back in stock.

Escort Redline 360c

Redline 360c is the flagship Escort radar detector of 2021, offering fully stealth (zero leakage) TotalShield, extreme long range (similar to R7 performance), directional arrows, with amazing BSM filtering.

Redline 360c also supports MRCD/CT photo radar detection, and GPS camera database for speed-cams and red-light cameras.

Radenso DS1

Soon to be released in September 2021, the DS1 model is highly anticipated in the radar detector community. Preliminary testing have shown impressive Ka-band detection among the top performers, and it also features GPS auto-lockout, great BSM filtering, magnetic mounting design, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Uniden R7

R7 offers dual-DSP radar antenna for extreme range for radar detection as well as giving directional radar alerts. A much faster processor also results in lightning fast response for detection. R7 is the flagship Uniden radar detector. 2020 production units also are reportedly better shielded and more stealth to Spectre RDD.

Custom-Installed Stealth Radar System:
Ontario's New Photo Radar

Ontario (especially GTA) is now running photo radar boxes with MultaRadar (MRCD). We recommend the following stealth detectors:

Quebec's MRCT Stationary Photo Radar

Quebec's photo radar encounters are mostly stationary at a fixed location, typically with a camera mounted on a pole. These are running MultaRadar CT (MRCT). We recommend the following choices for a radar detector:

However, most of these are marked with signages indicating photo radar ahead.

Undetectable radar detectors