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Launched in June 2021, TX Sensor Black is replacing the previous colour coded green or blue TX. It features a triple horizontal diode design, giving it more firepower against newer LIDAR threats as well as minimizing LIDAR reflections or interference.

What is the AL Priority TX Sensor for?

Antilaser continues to make sure AL Priority stays on top of the game to combat new high pulse-rate VPR LIDAR guns such as the DragonEye and other speed laser. TX sensor is the latest addition to an existing ALP system to provide bullet-proof performance.

AL Priority TX Sensor Features

  • ALP TX sensor is the most powerful “transmit-only” sensor with unique triple transmitter design
  • Smallest size with dimension 27 x 30 x 9.5mm or 1.06″ x 1.18″ x 0.37″ (WxDxH)
  • Extreme resistance to engine noise and laser interference
  • Powered by AL patented technology
  • TX can be installed in a pair to provide double the transmit firepower
  • TX sensor uses the same type of twist-lock cabling as an ALP sensor

ALP TX Sensor Requirement

  • AL Priority Laser System with CPU / Control Box HW.2 (accepting 5.6.6+ firmware) or HW.4
  • GPS Module is required – defined LID speed limit 30 km/h or higher. If you already have GPS with RG3 (NetRadar / DSP) or RG2 (STiR / Radenso HD), you don’t have to purchase another GPS.
  • TX must be paired with at least one regular ALP sensor on the same side
  • We recommend 2x regular ALP sensor + 1x TX centred for front laser protection especially on a larger vehicle.

ALP TX Sensor Installation

  • TX must be mounted horizontally
  • TX should be mounted ideally 50cm from the ground
  • TX should be ideally kept 17.8 cm from the nearby regular ALP sensor
  • TX will only work with at least one ALP sensor on the same side
  • If paired with another TX sensor, make sure it’s the opposite colour (blue vs. green); a sensor cable splitter will be provided when a pairing TX is purchased.
  • The new TX Black cannot be paired with an older TX green or TX blue

TX Sensor Canadian Pricing

  • Each TX sensor “Black” is $550 CAD
  • Required GPS Module is $85 CAD
  • Free shipping across Canada
  • Now in stock and shipping!

ALP TX Performance Test vs. DragonEye SpeedLaser

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