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Escort Passport 9500Ci International


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Escort Passport 9500Ci International – MRCD Edition

Passport 9500Ci INTL – MRCD is the best high performance custom installed radar system. This is not the same as the North American (NA) 9500Ci-Pro or 9500Ci-Platinum. 9500Ci International MRCD model does not include the Laser Shifter Pro, which makes it the near-equivalent of the Beltronics STiR Plus but with added MRCD capability.

Escort 9500Ci MRCD Edition is a fully stealth and installed radar detector that can also detect MultaRadar (MRCD) photo radar – which is becoming widespread in Alberta and Quebec, and currently being tested and considered in Ontario.


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100% Undetectable to Spectre RDD

All 9500Ci models’ radar receiver is based on the M3 design, which makes them 100% stealth and undetectable to any police radar-detector-detectors (including the latest Spectre Elite).

Top Radar Performance + MultaRadar Detection

Identical to the Beltronics STiR Plus and Redline, Escort Passport 9500Ci’s radar detection range is top-notch. 9500Ci-MRCD includes KaSW option with 10x selectable Ka-band frequency segments, as well as KSW option with 3x selectable K-band segments.

9500Ci-MRCD can also to detect MultaRadar (MRCD) photo radar currently used in Edmonton and many cities in Quebec.

Laser Shifter Pro Not Included

Laser Shifter Pro in the North American (NA) Passport 9500Ci-PRO and Platinum is NOT included in this 9500Ci-International. This is a great benefit for those considering the much better AL Priority Laser Defense and not be forced to pay for the LSP bundle.

GPS TrueLock and AutoLearn

9500Ci-INTL includes GPS that allows the system to lock out and eliminate false X and K-band alerts automatically. This makes city-driving much quieter.

Camera database is available for European and Australian regions since it is an International Version. It does not cover fixed cameras for Canada / USA. Users can manually mark locations and points of interest.

Passport 9500Ci INTL includes

Front Radar Receiver, Control Module, Display Module, Interface Module, GPS Module, speaker, mounting and wiring accessories.

9500Ci INTL is recommended to…

We highly recommend the Escort 9500Ci INTL for anyone in Canada that needs concealed stealth, and GPS Truelock against false alarms, and most of all, long-range radar performance.

This is also recommended for Edmonton where MultaRadar is heavily used.

Need Laser Protection? We recommend…

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