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Escort Passport 9500Ci-PRO


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Escort Passport 9500ci has been discontinued. New MaxCi does not live up to its hype, lacking MRCD photo radar capability and poor jamming performance against photo LIDAR.

9500ci had been discontinued.

Escort Radar’s All-In-One Radar-Laser Solution (discontinued)

Passport 9500Ci-PRO is the latest custom installed radar-laser detector + shifters. The new “PRO” packaging upgrades the previous ZR4 laser shifter packs to the newer Laser Shifter PRO (LSP). This package includes 2x Shifter Pro heads for front installation.

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Top Radar Performance

Identical to the Beltronics STiR Plus, Escort Passport 9500Ci’s radar detection range is second to none. Using the award-winning M3 dual antenna receiver, 9500Ci offers long range radar detection and fast response on K and Ka bands.

Note that the 9500Ci Pro / Platinum FAILS to detect MultaRadar CD photo radar currently used in Edmonton and many cities in Quebec.

Read more about MultaRadar MRCD photo radar.

Laser Shifter Pro

ZR4 Shifter Pack has been replaced by the Laser Shifter Pro in the new Passport 9500Ci-PRO packaging. LSP is identical to the Laser Interceptor. Note that Escort Laser Shifter Pro cannot defend against Laser Ally or DragonEye in Canada.

Only AL Priority Laser Defense can deal with DragonEye and Laser Ally variants.

GPS Defender Camera Database and TrueLock

Passport 9500Ci was the very first Escort system to feature a pre-loaded camera database for red-light and speed cameras in Canada and USA. GPS also allows the system to lock out and eliminate false X and K-band alerts automatically. This makes city-driving much quieter.

Passport 9500Ci-PRO includes

Front Radar Receiver, Control Module, Display Module, Interface Module, GPS Module, speaker, 2x Laser Shifter Pro heads, Shifter Bridge Interface, mounting and wiring accessories.

What do we recommend…

New variable-pulse-rate LIDAR / Laser guns are becoming more prevalent each day, and they are spreading across Canada. To properly defend against the latest Laser Ally / DragonEye LIDAR, we recommend the AL Priority over the Escort Laser Shifter Pro.

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