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Uniden R3 radar laser detector offers extreme long range detection and GPS camera database. R3 also features excellent K-band false filtering, eliminating false signals from vehicle blindspot monitors and adaptive cruise control. Uniden R3 is also undetectable to Spectre RDD, making it a stealth radar detector.

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Uniden R3 Radar Laser Detector

Uniden’s newly developed R-Series long-range radar laser detector now competes with other premium high performance radar detector brands in the market. Uniden R1 and R3 have set a new benchmark in the radar detector industry. Uniden R3 have been tested and awarded the best performing radar detector in 2018.

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R3 from KMPH
  • Free firmware update new v1.57 + 2021-July camera database upon request by email or note at checkout
  • Free ground shipping across Canada
  • Guide for programming your Uniden R3 settings
  • Add a Uniden Hardwire Kit (recommended) for $49.95 with R3 purchase. Choose from drop-down menu.

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Uniden R3 Key Features
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • Extreme long range radar detection and sensitivity
  • True Ka-band segmentation for lightning fast response (FW v1.31)
  • Colour OLED display (new colours on v1.31)
  • Aggressive K-band false filtering including TSF (BSM filtering)
  • Ka-band false filtering
  • Radar frequency announcement (FW 1.37)
  • Stealth and undetectable to Spectre Elite and all other RDD
  • GPS with camera database and free updates
  • Quite-Ride – Low-speed radar mute
  • User-marked location
  • Display Auto-Dim by clock time (FW 1.37)
  • MultaRadar (MRCD) detection is much improved (FW 1.53)
  • K-Block eliminates false alerts from Honda/Acura BSM (blindspot monitors) on the newest Firmware 1.50 (released 2019-07-24)
Uniden R3 includes
  • R3 radar detector
  • Protective carrying case
  • Single suction cup bracket
  • Double suction cup bracket
  • Cig-lighter adapter with mute and USB socket
  • Not included – USB 2.0 (USB-A to Mini-B) data cable (required for firmware updates)
Availability in Canada
  • In Stock (2021-Oct)
  • Pre-loaded with the Latest official firmware v1.54 (MRCD capable, Oct. 2020 camera database, improved laser-false filter and improved radar response with MRCD on, K-Block against Honda Acura BSM)
  • Purolator Express shipping upgrade available
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