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Uniden R4 radar laser detector offers improved range and filtering with redesigned dual LNA platform. R4 is also undetectable to Spectre 4/Elite RDD, making it safe to use in Ontario/Quebec/Atlantic. Uniden R4 features K-blocks, QuietRide with Auto Mute Memory, Laser ID, MRCD/MRCT and Gatso support.

  • IN STOCK (May 2024)
  • May promotional pricing at $545 + shipping + tax.
  • Optional Purchase Purolator Express upgrade
  • Purchase optional HardTap or Hardwire Kit for hardwiring your R4
  • Latest firmware v1.30 + 2024 camera DB / optimal settings can be preloaded (by request only)

Uniden R4 High Performance Radar Laser Detector

Uniden R4 is an extreme long-range radar laser detector, redesigned with dual LNA setup for improved performance and better false signal filtering over the R1 and R3 models. R4 also adds additional features such as Auto Mute Memory, LIDAR ID and Bluetooth Connectivity.

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Uniden R4 Intro Video
Comparable Radar Detectors:
  1. Uniden R8 (with directional arrows)
Optional Accessories for Uniden R4
Uniden R4 Key Features
  • Extreme long range radar detection and sensitivity
  • 2x LNA (low noise amplifier) design for increased range
  • Spectre Elite undetectable
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • Advanced K/Ka band / BSM filters
  • MRCD/MRCT photo radar detection
  • GATSO support
  • GPS camera database (updatable via USB)
  • Auto Mute Memory – automatic lock out of stationary false signals (previously available on R7 model)
  • Quite Ride – GPS low speed radar mute
  • Laser Gun Identification
  • Radar frequency display and announcement
  • Multi-Colour Display with Auto-Dim
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with app in development
Uniden R4 includes
  • R4 radar detector
  • Protective carrying case
  • Single suction cup bracket
  • Double suction cup bracket
  • Cig-lighter adapter with mute button and USB socket
  • USB 2.0 (USB-A to micro-USB) data cable
Availability in Canada

1 review for Uniden R4

  1. Christopher Miller (verified owner)

    Really pleased with my experience buying from

    They provide tremendous value in terms of product knowledge, geographic knowledge and a desire to provide fast and timely service.
    I had my list of must haves and Alex helped me sort through the options very quickly. He provided very timely responses to my questions, he knew which police radar is used in Ontario, and which detector would work best based on my goals. They do the importing so there are no unexpected surprises like customs duties or delays because of missing documents. Buying in our local currency helps as well.

    I’m very pleased with my Uniden R4 purchase.

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