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Uniden R7 + ALPriority Package


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Bundle the best-selling Uniden R7 radar detector with the ultimate AL Priority laser defence.

R7 has been discontinued. Order Uniden R8 and ALP separately.


KMPH R7 + ALP Special:

  • Package includes: Uniden R7 radar detector, AL Priority HiFi laser system.
  • FREE Purolator Ground shipping (upgrade option available)
  • Save extra $100 with discount code “ALP100” at checkout!

Included Radar Detector – Uniden R7

Uniden R7 – Uniden R7 offers extreme long range radar detection, with dual antenna for directional arrows. Uniden R7 also supports true Ka-band segmentation, improved DSP for sweeping lower power photo radar, GPS camera database (red-light / speed-cam), GPS Quiet-Ride radar mute, K-band and TSF that filters out BSM/CAS false alerts, and manual false lock-out. Free firmware and camera database updates.

Included Laser Defence – AL Priority HiFi Model

AL Priority is the most advanced and reliable multi-purpose laser protection system for cars and motorcycles.

  • 100% legal laser parking sensor / park assist avoiding front bumper damage
  • Bulletproof protection against LIDAR based devices
  • Optional Bluetooth Module – available for iPhone/Android interface
  • Add optional Rear Protection – Rear Defense Add-on available

Choosing Front Laser Defence:

AL Priority Dual (1x Reg + 1x TX)

With the introduction of TX Sensor (high-power transmit sensor for DragonEye defence), this configuration can cover a motorcycle or a small sedan. Note that this setup only contains a single RX receiver for laser detection, so we recommend one of the following 3-sensor configuration.

Legacy AL Priority Triple (3x Reg)

If you have a sports car with a front grill that cannot clear 5″ from ground, go with 3x RX sensors up front.

Recommended AL Priority Triple (2x Reg + 1x TX)

By mounting two regular sensors on either side and TX in the middle, this configuration is the bullet-proof front laser protection for ANY vehicle as long as the centre TX Black sensor can be mounted at least 7″ from ground.

Add Rear Laser Defence:

Package Upgrade Options:

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