What is a LIDAR Defence?

LIDAR or laser defence, commonly known as a laser shifter, blocker, or jammer, are infrared transceivers that prevent a laser speed gun from instantly acquiring target vehicle's speed. The laser system then warns the driver with both visual and audible alerts, to slow down, and subsequently avoid a laser speeding ticket.

Does a Laser Protection Work in Canada?

We get asked this question frequently. LIDAR is used extensively across Canada, especially in major cities like Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal, as well as many rural towns. A radar detector's laser detection does not give the driver time to react if going too fast. Watch the real-world encounter below, and you will understand how a laser jammer can save you a laser speeding ticket.

Different types and brands of Laser Defence?

We'll give you a little history of laser jammers. The industry came a long way since a decade ago, and it started to evolve quickly since 2006. At the time, there were LED-based Escort Shifter ZR3, Blinder M27 / M47 laser jammer, and high powered laser-diode-based Antilaser's AL8 and Laser Pro Park. Over the years, there were many knock off brands such as DriveSmart and Laser Elite. Since 2011, the market was split between top contenders AL G9,  Laser Interceptor, and Escort Shifter Pro (identical to LI), and Blinder HP905. None of the above blocks the DragonEye which claimed to be "un-jammable" until 2014.

Even the recently released Escort Max Ci with ShifterMax also fails to jam multiple DragonEye and DragonEye Compact LIDAR.

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