What is MultaRadar CD Photo Radar?

Edmonton MultaRadar CD MRCDKnown as the MRCD, MultaRadar CD is a mobile photo radar technology from Jenoptik, typically deployed in a container box or a dedicated speed-measuring van or truck (mostly unmarked).

Since early 2016, Edmonton and Grande Prairie have upgraded all of their road-side photo radar equipments to the new MultaRadar CD. Several cities in Quebec (including Quebec City, Gatineau, and Montreal areas) also use MRCD photo radar.

2019-20 update: Ontario (esp. Greater Toronto Area) has since adopted MRCD photo radar, deploying them in concealed radar container boxes.

What Frequency does MultaRadar use and can it be detected?

MRCD photo radar uses K-band, but it is FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) with changing frequencies and low power. This presents a problem for USA and North American tuned radar detectors which do not scan low end of 24.0GHz.

Since MRCD have been widely used in Europe and Australia, some international version of Escort radar detectors are very capable of detecting MRCD with very good advance warning.

Which radar detector can detect MultaRadar MRCD?
  • Escort Max 360C – latest 2020 production Max360C now supports MRCD detection. It can be activated via Escort Live Bluetooth app. Recommended for Alberta.
  • Escort Redline EX – the newest Redline EX offers long range detection, European bands, GPS Truelock + AutoLearn, and North American camera database. Recommended for Ontario / Quebec.
  • Radenso Pro-M – Radenso prides itself as the first company to properly detect MRCD while maintaining excellent filtering against false alerts. Recommended for Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.
  • Uniden R7now featuring directional arrows with improved dual DSP antenna to sweep lower K-frequency, the R7 has become the best radar detector for Edmonton (780) area, with best-in-class radar performance.
  • Escort Redline 360C – the newest Redline 360c from 2020 offers longest range detection, GPS Truelock + AutoLearn, and North American camera database, and directional arrows.
  • NetRadar DSP is the best installed radar detector add-on for AL Priority users. It supports long range K/Ka band detection as well as MRCD.
  • Radenso RC-M Remote – this is the best custom installed remote radar system available. It features long range detection, MRCD detection + filtering, and a GPS camera database. Best overall ranking for installed radar system, supporting long range MRCD and MRCT detection. 
Watch the following video for MRCD detection:

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