Uniden manufacturer-authorized supplier in Canada

KMPH.ca is Uniden's first and only radar detector authorized dealer in Canada

We are extremely excited to announce that KMPH.ca has become an authorized Canadian retailer and supplier for Uniden’s latest radar detectors, including the affordable DFR-6 and DFR-7, as well as the high-performance R1 and R3, and its flagship R7 with directional arrows.

Uniden R1 / R3 – rated the best radar detector of 2018; R7 – best of 2019-20

Uniden R3 - the best radar detector of 2017

Uniden R-Series includes R1 and R3 models, has become the radar performance benchmark of 2017, over-taking Escort Redline which had been crowned to have the best detection range over the past 5 years.

R1 and R3 have also become enthusiasts favourite radar detectors in the radar detector community. Uniden R-Series offers high performance to price ratio, extreme range, effective K-filters, and Spectre Elite RDD undetectability for Canadian drivers.

Uniden DFR-6 and DFR-7 – best performing radar detector under $400

Uniden DFR-6 and DFR-7 radar detector Canada

Aside from Canadian debut of the top-performing R1 and R3, we are brought in Uniden DFR Series – the DFR-6 and DFR-7 models. These offer the best radar performance vs. competition in their price range, just under $300 and $400 respectively.

If you live in BC, Alberta, or Saskatchewan, and don’t require the extreme range of the R1 or R3, the DFR Series is highly recommended.

  • Buy Uniden DFR-6 – long range performance; under $300
  • Buy Uniden DFR-7 – long range performance, GPS camera database, false alert lock-out, and Quiet-Ride with user-set speed radar mute; under $400
Uniden DFR and R-Series Reviews and Comparison

We will be writing a review and comparison of these Uniden radar detector models vs. the latest Escort and Radenso radar detectors. Stay tuned 🙂

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