Radar and Laser Countermeasure for Alberta

Recommendation for Edmonton and Calgary

Alberta police forces have many state of the art speed measurement devices in their arsenal. These tools include the infamous DragonEye handheld laser guns, DragonCam photo-LIDAR systems, latest K-band MultaRadar photo radar, on top of the wide spread laser speed traps and Ka-band moving radar.

What is effective against handheld LIDAR and DragonEye?

Portable laser guns (LIDAR) and handheld DragonEye have been sighted throughout the whole Alberta region, where as the DragonEye LidarCam photo system is used extensively in Edmonton area. To get proper protection, you will need AL Priority laser defense. A radar detector is not enough.

Read more about Antilaser's AL Priority.

Radar Detectors for detecting moving or stationary K/Ka-band Radar

You're allowed to own and use a radar detector in Alberta. We will provide a guideline below to help you make a choice.

Radar Detectors that detect MRCD Photo Radar in Edmonton and Grande Prairie

Recommended for Alberta