Motorcycle Radar Laser Package – ALPriority and Radar Integration


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Introducing the new NetRadar DSP + AL Priority integrated motorcycle Bluetooth Package

  • Net Radar DSP – high performance antenna with active BlindSpot Monitor / false filtering
  • Custom bike configuration design – please contact us.

KMPH Motorcycle Radar-Laser Package #1

Bluetooth Package (from $2,084) – if you already have a helmet with built-in Bluetooth sound system such as SENA, and have it connected to your iPhone or Android phone while riding… 

1. AL Priority (basic model)
2. Bluetooth Module for ALP for running ALPConnect app
3. Net Radar DSP antenna (adds radar detection)
4. Additional AL Priority sensor is available for purchase for $350 each.
5. Optional Wireless Flic Button available

To use this system, the rider depends on running ALPConnect application on their Smartphone, which will push any alerts to the helmet’s existing sound system. AL Priority includes an external alert LED for visual warning.

Adding AL Priority Laser Sensors

As DragonEye LIDAR has become widespread across Canadian provinces, we modified our base package to dual sensors for front laser defence.  Add sensor units based on your requirement.

Free Shipping and Warranty

Free Purolator ground shipping for all motorcycle radar laser package purchases.

  • 1-year warranty on radar antenna
  • 2-year warranty on AL Priority


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