We published an article on Edmonton’s speed enforcements and recommended radar and laser countermeasure a while back, and we will make one for Calgary as well! If you travel to other region as well, here are some existing articles and recommendations:

Best Radar Detectors for Calgary

There are 3 main criteria for buying a good radar detector for Calgary area.

  1. Good radar detection performance for highway driving
  2. Good false alarm filtering for city driving
  3. GPS camera database for intersectional red-light / speed camera

Best radar detectors for Calgary Alberta

Uniden R8 (#1 choice portable – with directional arrows)

Uniden R8 features directional arrows with the latest dual DSP antenna to sweep lower K-frequency for certain low-power photo radar.

Uniden R8 features longest range radar detection, front and rear directional arrows, GPS camera database, GPS QuietRide, MRCD detection, Acura-Honda BSM K-block1 and K-block2, TSF K-band filters. AutoMute Memory (auto-lockout) works extremely well for eliminating stationary false alerts and speed signs. 

Uniden R4 – (#1 choice portable – no arrows)

Uniden R4 has been rated the best performing radar detector that doesn’t feature directional arrows. Standard features include extreme long range radar detection, best false K-filtering, GPS “Quiet-Ride”, false lock-out, camera database. Uniden R4 features same performance as the R8 for less money.

Uniden R9 – (#1 choice custom installed all-in-one)

The newest Uniden R9 has surpassed Escort and Radenso in terms of radar performance for a custom installed (Ci) setup. R9’s laser defence is similar to that offered by the top-rated AL Priority systems. 

Radenso RC-M with AL Priority

Radenso RC-M is one of the top remote installed radar detector despite its premium price-tag. We highly recommend the RC-M + ALP bundle if budget allows. Professional install is likely required.

Handheld laser speed guns (LIDAR) are used frequently across Calgary and surrounding area. Even with the best radar detector, it may not be enough to warrant a save against a laser speed trap. This is where laser defence (jammer) comes in handy.

AL Priority Front Laser Defence

Most laser speed traps operated in Calgary area are handheld (or tripod mounted) targeting the front of vehicles. For this reason, one may only need front sensors for defence. For the best coverage, we recommend Triple Setup with 2 ALP sensors with 1 TX sensor. Read our sensor configuration guide for more details and recommendations.

Of course, for those who want peace of mind, or travel to Edmonton, then adding rear defence sensor pack is recommended.


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