Radenso DS1

What’s Radenso DS1 and when is it available in Canada?

While the Radenso Theia with AI tech has stirred up a lot of hypes and speculation over past year, we’ve learned that Radenso is going to release the DS1 radar detector by mid September, 2021.

Pre-order will begin on Sept 1, but early interests and reservations are welcome by email. 

What’s New with Radenso DS1 over previous models?

Radenso DS1 has shown very impressive performance figures in one of the most recent radar detector tests conducted by VortexRadar in August, 2021. It was tested against only one 34.7 GHz Ka band, but it’s safe to assume that its sensitivity is among the top radar detector performers on the market today. 

Retaining a sleek design and small form factor, adding a magnetic mount, switching RJ11 / DC to a much more advanced USB-C connector, and incorporating Bluetooth 5.0 for Radenso and 3rd party mobile app access, are just several innovations to make a note in this preview. 

Other features of the Radenso DS1 includes GPS automatic lockouts, multi-colour OLED display with customizable colour theme, improved BSM filtering, etc. It’s also claimed to be stealth to VG2 and Spectre Elite RDD. 

Radenso DS1’s Main Competition

Radenso DS1‘s price point is likely to compete against Escort Max3, Uniden R3, and replace its own Radenso Pro-M model. However, we foresee that DS1 will in fact compete against most brands’ flagship detectors in terms of range and sensitivity. There’s no doubt that this will be a hit in Canada.

Radenso’s feature comparison chart against DS1’s closest competition
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