First Uniden R7 Unboxed in Canada

Thank you for your pre-order

Many of you eagerly waited the pre-ordered Uniden R7 radar detector featuring improved radar performance, directional arrows, larger colour display, faster processor, and larger memory. It’s finally here for April 14, 2019 official release. Those pre-ordered before the first week of April will likely receive their orders within 1 week after the release date. We appreciate the overwhelming interest and support in Canada!

First Uniden R7 in Canada

Unboxing + Preview

Uniden R7 radar detector comes with outer packaging box the same size as the R3 and R1 models. Upon opening the box, you see a protective carrying case with user manual booklets.

Uniden R7 radar detector comes with a carrying case

Inside the carrying case, you’ll find your R7 detector protected in a neoprene sleeve, Power Cord with Mute and LED, 1x Double-cup windshield mount, 1x Single-cup windshield mount, and a Micro-USB update cable.

Uniden R7 radar detector unboxed with accessories

Uniden R7 radar detector unboxed with all accessories

Finally, a quick trigger of a Stalker ATR Ka (34.7 GHz) radar gun at the R7 detector so we can take a look at the display, with all the information and directional arrow! Notice the signal-strength bar now display 8 segments instead of 5 (on the R1 / R3).

Uniden R7 radar detector unboxed showing rear-arrow Ka detection

Where to Buy Uniden R7 in Canada

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