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Uniden R8 is the ultimate radar laser detector featuring extreme long range detection, accurate BSM filtering, and several improvements over the R7 predecessor with the new dual-LNA design. Uniden R8 features directional arrows, QuietRide with Auto Mute Memory, Laser ID, MRCD/MRCT and Gatso support.

Availability (updated: May 17) – Currently in stock

Firmware update and new camera database available: v1.26 + 23-Apr-06 DB / optimal settings can be loaded by request.


Uniden R8 Radar Laser Detector with Arrows

The new Uniden R8 has become the redesigned R7 with more detection range and performance. Dual LNA (low noise amplifiers) design featured in the R8 (and also the R4) model yields increased sensitivity and more accurate BSM filtering. Uniden R8 will be the best windshield mounted radar detector for 2022.

Availability on R8 currently in stock (updated May 17).

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Uniden R8 Features
  • Extreme long range and sensitivity for radar performance featuring Dual LNA design
  • Alerts with Directional Arrows
  • Redesigned detector casing with front mute button (rather than on the left side of an R7 model)
  • K-Block (1 and 2): eliminates false K-band BSM alerts
  • Advanced K-band and TSF filters
  • Ka-band Segmentation for accurate detection and range
  • MultaRadar MRCD / MRCT support
  • New GATSO photo radar support
  • GPS Built-in for red-light and speed cameras
  • GPS for Quiet Ride (speed controlled radar mute) + Mute Memory
  • Ultra-bright and larger multi-colour OLED display
  • Spectre Elite RDD stealth – functionally Undetectable
  • “Extended” K-band to sweeps below 24.050 GHz
  • Auto Mute Memory – automatically locks out stationary false K-alerts (from automatic door sensors)
Uniden R8 Package includes
  • Uniden R8 radar laser detector
  • Single-cup and Double-suction cup mounts
  • Cig-lighter power cord with Mute
  • Micro USB cable for updates
  • Neoprene sleeve and carrying case


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