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KMPH specializes on radar and laser countermeasure for the Canadian market. We carry the best radar laser detectors, with full Canadian warranty and customer support. We are an authorized Canadian supplier for Uniden and Net Radar, and authorized vendor for Escort Radar and Radenso. Customers get our full after-sale support and Canadian warranty.

What is a Radar Detector?

Police radar technology uses microwave in X, K or Ka bands, and a radar detector works by detecting radar signal from afar, warning the driver to slow down before police radar unit can measure the vehicle's speed.

Radar Detector Brands and Best-Selling Models

Uniden Radar Detector

Uniden is known for manufacturing enthusiast community's favourite R4 and R8 radar detectors. Flagship Uniden R8 features extreme performance, directional arrows, all-new Dual LNA antenna, and much improved false alert filtering.

Escort Radar Detector

Escort Radar has a long history of radar detector manufacturing in North America. The current model line-ups include Redline 360c, Max 360c-MKII, MaxCam 360c (built-in dashcam), and Max-Ci. The only fully stealth radar detector is the Redline 360c.


Beltronics brand has been discontinued by Escort / Cedar Electronics in early 2017. See what we recommend for replacing your older Beltronics detector.

Radenso Radar Detector

Radenso debut with the Pro Series, which is also the smallest radar detector. Subsequently they launched XP, Pro-M, and the custom-installed RC-M. While the upcoming Radenso Theia featuring AI technology is still in the works - the most current Radenso portable detector is the DS1 model.

Net Radar

NetRadar DSP is the best integrated radar detector for AL Priority laser jammer. It is a high performance radar receiver that integrates with AL Priority via RG3 interface module, with optional rear facing antenna that yields directional announcements via HiFi or Bluetooth ALPConnect app. The new DSP antenna also supports MRCD detection.

Radar Detector Accessories

Looking for an alternative radar detector mount or a hardwire power cord? We have them all! Visit our Radar Detector Accessories collection.

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