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Valentine 1 (V1 Gen2)


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Valentine One (V1 gen.2) radar detector was the first high performance radar detector to feature directional arrows. It offers fast response to K and Ka radar bands.

V1 Gen.2 from Valentine Research

Valentine 1 is a high performance radar laser detector,  and it was the first radar detector that uses directional arrows to warn drivers about where the radar source is coming from.

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Recommended alternatives with directional arrows:
  • Escort Max360c
  • Escort Redline 360c
  • Uniden R7
  • Valentine1 Gen.2 still does not have GPS for camera database. If you drive in cities with intersection red-light and speed cameras, GPS features are a must. In addition, V1 Gen2 cannot detect MRCD.
New Junk-K Fighter

On the latest V1s (serial number 1179 or higher), Junk-K Fighter and Traffic Monitor Filter are included. This is the solution to reduce false alarms not only from automatic door sensors, but also signals from BSM (blindspot monitoring) and ACC (adaptive cruise control) running K-band frequency.

Directional Arrows

Before Escort Max 360 was released in 2016, Valentine 1 was the only radar detector to feature and dual antenna placement, front and rear, with directional arrows indicating if the radar signal is coming from ahead, behind, or somewhere in between (side).

Long Range Radar Performance

For many years, Valentine 1 remains to be the benchmark for radar detector performance reviews and comparison. V1 excels in detecting X and K bands. It also responds quickly to instant-on Ka band.

Bogey Counter

If there are two of more signal sources of the same of even different radar bands, Valentine 1 will display the number count digitally on the “Bogey Counter”.

Valentine 1 Includes

V1 radar laser detector, windshield mount (with 3 sets of rubber cups), visor mount, cig-lighter adapter, direct wire harness, coiled and straight cord, user manual.

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