Radar Laser Detector Guide for Edmonton

Why do we write a radar detector buyer’s guide for Edmonton, Alberta specifically? The answer is simple. Edmonton and the surrounding 780-areas are known to have the most ridiculous speed enforcements in Canada.

Whether the reason for such police enforcement and ticketing is road safety or for collecting revenue for the city and province, we are here to provide radar and laser countermeasure recommendations for motorists who live in Edmonton or frequently travel through Northern Alberta.

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Different Types of Speed Enforcement in Edmonton

  • MultaRadar (MRCD) photo radar – commonly spotted photo speed enforcement units in forms of a roadside truck or van, or hidden in form of a discrete container box, often seen on city streets. MultaRadar is currently deployed across Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Medicine Hat, Alberta.

EPS photo radar truck  Edmonton photo radar hidden box

  • DragonEye LidarCam – this photo LIDAR enforcement is frequently seen on both highways and city roads, with operator sitting on an overpass, centre median, or roadside.

EPS DragonEye photo laser  Edmonton police DragonEye photo laser ticket

  • Handheld LIDAR speed trap – these are handheld or tripod-mounted laser guns used by the EPS and other police agencies.
  • Stationary and Moving Radar (K / Ka bands) – police cruisers may be equipped with radar units, and can check vehicle speed while moving or in stationary.

Radar Detectors recommended for Edmonton

All of the recommended radar detector models below support MultaRadar photo radar detection as well as moving and stationary K/Ka band radar.

Best radar detectors for Edmonton

Uniden R8 [Top Pick – Portable]

Uniden R8 is the top-pick portable windshield mounted radar detector for Edmonton region. R8 supports MRCD photo radar, offers superior performance on Ka-band police radar, as well as much improved filtering against false alerts.

Escort Max 360c [Top Pick – Portable]

Max 360c has been the flagship radar detector from Escort, featuring long range performance and directional arrows. We now also recommend it for Edmonton since MRCD can now be activated via Escort Live app.

Escort Redline 360c

Redline 360c from Escort features excellent radar performance, MultaRadar MRCD detection, camera database, and IVT filters. It can be considered vs. Uniden R8. See Redline 360c vs. R8 review.

Uniden R9 [Top Pick – Custom installed]

Uniden R9 has surpassed competition and becomes the top-performing remote installed radar system despite its premium price-tag. R9 includes front and rear radar antenna, as well as 6 laser transponders for front and rear laser defence that matches performance offered by AL Priority.

Radenso RC-M with AL Priority

Radenso RC-M is one of the top remote installed radar detector. We highly recommend the RC-M + ALP bundle if budget allows. Professional install is likely required.

Laser Defence recommended for Edmonton

Laser jammer is absolutely crucial if you wish to save yourself from a laser / LIDAR ticket. Edmonton Police is known to be using the latest LIDAR technology in forms of both handheld guns as well as DragonEye photo LIDAR enforcement. AL Priority is the only laser defense system on the jammer market proven to defeat these new laser guns.

Recommended ALP sensor requirement:
Professional Installation in Edmonton
  • We have authorized professional installer in Edmonton for AL Priority and other custom installed radar systems purchased from KMPH.

Radar Laser Package recommended for Edmonton

More questions about Edmonton’s police technology or radar laser countermeasure?

Contact us and we will gladly help.

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  1. The best protection from cops is a radar detector and laser jammer. I have only spent one state trooper using laser, and of course, it’s one that has led me to get laser jammers this year. You can now operate jammers in two ways. The smarter way is that many of them have a jam for X amount of seconds and then change into parking sensors. Good trick, by the way.

    November 2, 2022 Reply

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