Radenso Theia

What’s Radenso Theia?

Radenso Theia is the next-generation radar detector, featuring AI technology “RAI” – the artificial intelligence software platform. As Radenso claims, there will be no compromise between performance and filtering.

When will Radenso Theia be released in Canada?

Radenso Theia is still currently in its development stage. As an authorized Radenso dealer in Canada, Theia will be available through KMPH.ca for pre-order when we have more pricing information and ETA on Canadian release. Contact us if you’re interested in putting your name down for pre-order notification.

Update (September 2021): Radenso DS1 model will be released ahead Theia.

Radenso Theia’s Main Competition

Theia likely will compete against the flagship radar detector models from major brands such as Escort Radar and Uniden, namely the Redline 360c, Uniden R7, and V1 gen.2. We shall see a performance test upon official release of Theia, but Radenso released the comparison chart below for reference.

Radenso Theia vs. Redline 360c vs. Uniden R7Video – introducing Radenso Theia and RAI