ALP-Update 5.6.3 Firmware

AL Priority CPU Boxes manufactured before July 2015 can no longer be supported starting from firmware 5.6.3, released on 2020-07-31, due to hardware / memory limitation. This can also be checked by looking at CPU serial number – if it starts with a “4” or lower, it is too old (last update being 5.5.8). If it starts with a “5” or higher, or any Hw.4 CPU Box (in black), you will be able to continue to future updates.

If my ALP C.Box is too old, what do I do?

You will be required to purchase a new CPU Box (Hw.4). If your current sensor setup does not include a TX sensor, and you’re not running a GPS Module, Hw.4 automatically requires a GPS Module.

Contact us for purchasing a new C.Box. Please provide your original box’s serial number or order #.