New Radenso Radar Detectors Arriving Summer 2017!

We are delighted to get first-hand preview on the newest Radenso radar detectors due for release this summer. Two samples we received are the windshield mounted Radenso Pro M Edition, and the Radenso RC / RC-M (custom installed).

Read about our early preview of both Radenso models below. Test results will come soon!

Radenso RC-M custom installed radar detector

Radenso RC-M installed radar detector

One of the most exciting products is the new custom installed Radenso RC / RC-M. This is the first stand-alone installed radar detector launched under the Radenso brand. Before the release of the RC, Radenso only offers their HD+ radar antenna as an add-on to the AL Priority laser system.

Radenso RC includes a beautifully designed high-resolution display and control module. It is the also the equivalent of the German-branded Genevo VIP system. We received a Radenso RC-M sample, which also supports MultaRadar MRCD photo radar.

Radenso RC-M also includes GPS, featuring speed controlled radar mute and an updatable camera database. There’s an option to add a secondary HD+ antenna if you want directional arrows on the display.

In the near future, Radenso RC can even link up with AL Priority CPU via the “Laser” port.

Radenso RC Display:

Radenso RC display

Radenso RC CPU Interface:

Radenso RC radar detector CPU box

Radenso RC radar receiver:

Radenso radar receiver

Radenso RC included accessories:

Radenso RC radar detector included accessories

Radenso Pro M Edition (RPME / RPSE-M)

We have seen how the Radenso Pro SE (RPSE) performs. Radenso now fits extra MultaRadar detection hardware into the same tiny enclosure! This will be the first portable radar detector to incorporates both MultaRadar detection as well as a North American camera database.

Upon going through the settings, we observed extra settings for MRCD (wide / narrow) and MR Filter (high / low / off). That would be six combinations of MultaRadar CD settings! We will have some testing (with videos) done very soon in Edmonton.

Radenso Pro SE MultaRadar RPME radar detector Radenso Pro SE MultaRadar RPME radar detector with MR Filter

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