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Uniden Radar Detectors Canada

KMPH.ca has become an authorized vendor and supplier for Uniden radar detectors in Canada since August 2017. We will be carrying the top four models for the Canadian market, including Uniden's more affordable DFR Series and the extreme performance R-Series.

Uniden's development team listens to users and enthusiasts feedback, and continues to release firmware updates that further improves performance, false-filters, and usability. This is what separates Uniden from other radar detector manufacturers.

All-new Uniden R9 - Custom Installed Series
  • Uniden R9 - latest custom-installed system with 2x radar antenna + 6x laser transponders
Uniden R8 and R4 - Extreme Performance Portable Series
  • Uniden R8 - best of 2022-24 with arrows + 2x LNA
  • Uniden R4 - much improved over R3 with 2x LNA
  • Uniden R7 - best of 2020 - 2022; with arrows. Cost savings vs. the new R8.
  • [Discontinued] Uniden R3 - best of 2018-2020
  • [Discontinued] Uniden R1 - same as R3 but without GPS

All-new Uniden R3 radar laser detectorUniden's R Series includes the R1 and R3 radar detector models, both running the same digital antenna platform, offering top of the line radar performance that outranges competition. Uniden R1 and R3 also features state-of-the-art false alarm filtering against automatic door sensors, blind-spot monitors, adaptive cruise control, and collision avoidance systems. GPS is built into the R3 model to provide GPS lock-out as well as a camera database.

Uniden R7 is 2019's newest model, offering dual-antenna and directional arrows. With 50% faster processor and improved DSP, it can now detect low-power photo radar (including MultaRadar MRCD) better than other models. Auto Mute Memory is also now available on the R7.

Uniden DFR Series - Best Performance under $450
  • [Discontinued] Uniden DFR9 - best detector with GPS + colour display under $450

Uniden DFR8 and DFR9 radar detectorUniden DFR8 and DFR9 models are the new DFR-line featuring tuned DFR antenna with performance and filtering upgrade. Most importantly, they now got a refreshed new styling with a colour display. If you don't need to extreme range from the R-Series, these detectors are of excellent value.

Uniden Radar Detectors