Beginning in mid-June, 2015, all Canadian AL Priority orders are shipped with a Control Unit (regular or HiFi model) pre-loaded with factory parking-only-mode firmware. Users or installers must download and load the latest firmware update to activate LID (laser interference defense) and other functions.

Visit AL Priority Firmware Solutions at Read on below for detailed walkthrough and instructions.

Control Box Firmware Update

Click Firmware Update. You will be prompt to enter your 7-digit serial number of your AL Priority Control Box. It can be found on the sticker directly on the Control Box. You will also need to answer a simple math quiz before you can download the firmware update file. The file will be named automatically to format “U1234567.bin” where the number matches your SN.

Current firmware revision (as of 2020-07-31) is 5.6.3.

Control Set Update

Depending on your control set (flat control pad with 2 buttons), you will need to choose the correct Control Set update file – Basic Control Set or HiFi Control Set, based on what you purchased. Recently purchased ALP will not require this step.

Regular Control Set Update filename: UCSET.bin
HiFi Control Set Update filename: UCSTHIFI.bin

Voice Pack (HiFi Only)

Voice Pack file must be loaded to enable voice alerts, voice menu, and Lidar identification on your AL Priority HiFi Model. You can choose your language as well as female or male voice.

Voice Pack filename: VOICEPCK.alp

How to Update ALP Firmware

You are now ready to update your AL Priority firmware. Prepare an empty USB 2.0 flash drive (ideally under 1-2 GigaByte), formatted in FAT32 filesystem, and copy the update files to the root directory. Note: USB highspeed 3.0 will not work properly!

Power on your AL Priority, then insert your USB flash drive directly into the USB port on the Control Box, or the USB extender cable if it is connected to the Cbox. Cbox Firmware update takes less than a minute. If you have a HiFi voice pack on the USB, it will take about 5 minutes – so don’t be alarmed. During the update process, LED on the Control Set will flash rapidly in multiple colours. Upon completion, system will reboot.

You can remove the USB flash drive after ALP reboots.

Restore Default and Memorize Sensors

If this is a new AL Priority system, likely you will hear rapid beeping for 5 seconds after your firmware update. This is normal. Read on below.

Firmware 5.1.3 or higher adds advanced self-test algorithms internally to make sure your AL Priority is functioning properly. For this reason, each new kit must perform “Restore Default and Memorize Sensors” so it remembers how many functional laser sensors you have, and which ports they are plugged into.

To “Restore Default and Memorize Sensors”, here are the steps:

  1. Long press MENU to enter Yellow menu
  2. Press NEXT five times (5)
  3. Press ENTER.

Power off and power on the ALP again, it would not give you the error warning unless it detects any change of sensor configuration.

AL Priority Configuration

Your ALP firmware update is now complete! Follow instructions on for AL Priority Configuration. The “config.alp” file will load your preferences and settings to your ALP system via USB.

ALP Config allows user to choose and select LIDAR specific preferences such as Interference Defense, LED settings, master volume, voice alerts, LID timer, etc.

Radar add-ons such as NetRadar or Radenso HD+ are also activated through ALP Config.

How do I know if my AL Priority is working?

Observe the LED colour on the Control Set. If it goes BLUE, you’re good in “laser defence mode“. GREEN means that your ALP is in parking mode only. Flashing or constant LED can be changed through USB config or HiFi control set.

Update: if you’re running a TX sensor, GPS will be activated so under 30 km/h LED stays AMBER (laser detection only), and when going above 30 km/h Defence Mode will activate.