Legal to Use in BC

In British Columbia, it is completely LEGAL to use a radar laser detector.

Understanding BC Police Radar and Laser Technology

It is important to understand what the police in BC are using. In the Greater Vancouver Region and BC Lower Mainland, you will find 90% of speed traps using handheld LIDAR / Laser Guns.

This means having just a radar or laser detector will not help you much at all. LIDAR, known as laser guns, can only be defeated with Laser Defence, known as Laser Blocker or Jammer.

Radar Detector vs. Laser Defence in BC?

If you spend most of your commute through urban/city roads (ie. in Greater Vancouver) in BC, a Laser Jammer will be so much more useful than a Radar Detector. Note that with only laser detection on a radar detector, it provides zero protection because you won't have time to react to the quick speed acquisition on a police laser gun.

RCMP in British Columbia also uses DragonEye LIDAR. For AL Priority system, we only recommend 2-3 sensors for front protection. Single sensor will be insufficient.

When you're on highways (Sea-to-Sky, Hwy 1, interior BC, etc), you have good chance of running into both radar and laser. A radar detector will be very useful.

Recommended Portable Radar Detectors for BC
Uniden Radar Detectors
  • Uniden R3 - extreme long-range with GPS camera database
  • Uniden R7 - extreme long range, GPS, directional arrows, faster processors, dual antenna.
Recommended Installed Radar System for BC

See below for a list of all recommended radar detectors for BC driving, or consider a radar + laser protection package.

If you travel to Alberta or other eastern provinces, you may want to read our guide for other regions:

Recommended for British Columbia