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Uniden R7 is the ultimate radar detector featuring superior long range detection and sensitivity, directional arrows, QuiteRide, and Mute Memory. Latest R7 1.37 firmware further improves upon BSM filtering with K-Block2, and adding Auto Mute-Memory (auto-lock) for the first time.

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Uniden R7 Radar Laser Detector with Arrows

After a successful launch of the Uniden R-Series (R1 and R3) in 2017, Uniden continues to listen to customer and user feedbacks to continuously improve their radar detectors through firmware updates. R7 now brings one of the most exciting features – directional arrows! Uniden R7 is the best performing radar detector offering Arrows, MRCD detection, and Auto Mute Memory.

Availability on R7 (updated June 3) – in stock and shipping

  • Recommended: Add HardTap or Uniden Hardwire for $49.95. Choose from drop-down menu.
  • Recommended: Add SingleCup Mount for additional vehicles.
  • Request (optional) the newest official release 137.144.116 firmware with Latest camera database (2021-April) loaded (free service) – leave a note at checkout
  • Free ground shipping
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Uniden R7 Features
  • Extreme long range and sensitivity for radar performance
  • 50% faster processor
  • Dual antenna with Arrow alert
  • New K-Block – eliminates Honda/Acura false K-band BSM alerts
  • New K-Block “2” – blocks 24.168 +- 2 MHz  / newer Acura BSM (1.35)
  • Advanced K-band and TSF filters
  • Ka-band Segmentation for lightning fast detection and range
  • MultaRadar MRCD capable (further improved in the newest beta firmware 1.34)
  • Rear-Balance sensitivity tuning (beta 1.29)
  • GPS Built-in for red-light and speed cameras
  • GPS for Quiet Ride (speed controlled radar mute)
  • Ultra-bright and larger multi-colour OLED display
  • Spectre Elite RDD – functionally Undetectable
  • Max Speed Warning System
  • New “Extended” K-band to sweeps below 24.050 GHz (v.1.32)
  • Improved BSM Filter – K rejection by checking CW signal integrity (K-band integrity filter in v1.32)
  • Mute Memory frequency range adjusted (10MHz for X/K band, 20 MHz for Ka band)
  • Rear Antenna Sensitivity Attenuation (beta v.1.34)
  • NEW! Auto Mute Memory – automatically locks out stationary false K-alerts (1.34 
Uniden R7 Package includes
  • Uniden R7 radar laser detector
  • Single-cup and Double-suction cup mounts
  • Cig-lighter power cord with Mute
  • Micro USB cable for updates
  • Neoprene sleeve and carrying case
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