Uniden R7 firmware update
Uniden R7 Update – Firmware v. 1.34 beta

Some customers as well our KMPH team members have been testing the latest Uniden R7 v1.34 beta firmware over the last few weeks. And we absolutely enjoy the improvements it had made over the past firmware versions. To start, Auto Mute Memory is finally here! This is the equivalent of Escort Radar’s patented TrueLock with AutoLearn.

Uniden R7 Auto Mute Memory

Release date: 2020-September (invitational testing / per customer request)

R7 Firmware 1.34 Beta Release Notes
  • Auto Mute Memory (Auto Lock Out) – if the same signal (X Band : +-10Mhz, K Band : +-10Mhz, Ka Band : +-20Mhz)  is detected at the same location three times, R7 will automatically lock the signal out as a false alert and show the image below on the display.  Once this signal has been locked out, no alert will be given at this location unless it is different signal. Max 12,000 Auto Mute Memory points can be saved before the oldest data gets overwritten.
  • Pass chime(one beep) is added to the POI alert.  The R7 will announce a pass chime when the car passes the camera (POI) in the database.
  • Range settings (300m, 600m, 700m, 800m, Auto, OFF) are added to the Speed camera alarm on/off setting. If set to Auto, speed 50, 60 km/h – Alert range 600m; 70, 80 km/h  – 700m; 100, 110, 120 km/h  – 800m
  • Improved MRCD filtering
  • AutoMute Rear K-band
  • Extended K-band sweep below 24.050 GHz
  • Much improved BSM Filtering.
  • 2020-07-10 Camera Database for red-light and speed cameras
R7 Firmware Download
  • Download from Uniden’s official support site – sorry only the latest v.1.33 is available for public release at this point. We have 1.34 beta available for our customers by request.
  • We cannot wait for the official public release of the upcoming firmware!