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Uniden R9 is the ultimate custom-installed radar laser detector featuring extreme long range detection with advanced K/Ka filters. After 2-years of development and testing, The R9 is Uniden’s first ultra-high performance installed radar laser system to compete with Escort and Radenso.

  • In stock (June 2024)

Uniden R9 Custom Installed Radar Laser Detector

The new Uniden R9 is the first custom-installed radar laser system designed by Uniden to compete in the market of ultra-high performance “installed radar detector”.

Availability on R9 IN STOCK (June 2024).

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Uniden R9 Features
  • Extreme long range and sensitivity for radar performance featuring Dual LNA design
  • 1 front 1 rear radar antenna for directional arrows
  • 6 laser transponders (3 front 3 rear) for all-around laser protection
  • Bluetooth built-in for app integration
  • GPS Built-in for red-light and speed cameras
  • GPS for Quiet Ride (speed controlled radar mute) + Auto Mute Memory
  • K-Block (1 and 2): eliminates false K-band BSM alerts
  • Advanced K-band and TSF filters
  • Ka-band Segmentation for accurate detection and range
  • MultaRadar MRCD / MRCT support
  • GATSO photo radar support
  • Ultra-bright and larger multi-colour OLED display
  • Spectre Elite RDD stealth – functionally Undetectable – stealthiest Uniden made to date
  • Free firmware and camera database updates
Uniden R9 Package includes
  • 2x Radar Antennas, 6x Laser Transponders
  • Control Module, Speaker, Display with Flush Mount Kit
  • Keypad, GPS, Laser Interface
  • 16GB Flash Drive for Firmware Updates and Guides
  • All mounting brackets and hardware, cable ties, double-sided tape
  • 3x Laser/Radar extension cables
  • Quick Start Guide
Uniden R9 Installer Inquiry
  • Retail installation booking available depending on city/province and availability. Please contact us.
  • Dealer/installer inquiry welcome.


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