This review was written to summarize and review the best recommendation on radar and laser detectors and countermeasure for Canadians. We have updated it regularly to give our most objective assessment of the radar detectors we carry.

  • Last updated: October 2020

Best Radar Detectors by Performance

Top Tier Portable Radar Detectors

Uniden R7 = Redline 360C > Radenso Pro-M > Redline EX = Max360C

Top Tier Remote Installed Radar Detectors

Radenso RC-M = NetRadar DSP (with ALP)

Mid Tier Portable Radar Detectors

Uniden DFR9 = DFR8Uniden DFR7 > Escort IXc > Solo S4

Best Radar Detectors for Canadians by Category

Best radar detectors for Calgary Alberta

Best Performance on range and sensitivity
Most affordable under $450
Best Stealth Portable Radar Detectors for Eastern Canada
Best Portable Radar Detector for Edmonton and Grande Prairie
 Best Laser Defence (Laser Jammer)
Best Installed Integrated Radar and Laser Defence

2017 – 20 Events in the Radar and Laser Industry

  • ESCORT releases new custom installed MaxCi that failed to address DragonEye LIDAR threats, and later releases firmware update but still offer mediocre protection.
  • ESCORT closed down Canadian manufacturing facility in Mississauga and moved production off shore to the Philippines.
  • Uniden launched R-Series R1 and R3 models, and have been rated the best radar detectors of the year. KMPH became Canadian supplier for Uniden in September 2017.
  • AL Priority released the new TX high power laser sensor to stay on top of new VPR and high-PPS LIDAR threats.
  • KMPH teamed up with BPG AutoSound to showcase AL Priority at Hublot Diamond Rally and Luxury Supercar Weekend in Vancouver.
  • NoLimits acquired Radenso Radar brand.
  • Radenso released Pro-M radar detector, becoming the first detector with GPS to incorporate MultaRadar MRCD capability
  • ESCORT launched 2nd generation Redline EX which now also includes MRCD detection, and GPS camera database.
  • Radenso RC-M was debut at SEMA
  • NetRadar DSP soon to be released in early 2018 will be based on the all-new digital platform for the best remote radar performance and filtering. It will also have MultaRadar capability. NR-DSP must be integrated with AL Priority laser defence system.
  • Speculation that Uniden R1 and R3 will gain MultaRadar capability in Q3 of 2018 via firmware update (no hardware upgrade required).
  • July 2018 – Introducing Escort MaxCi International radar-only, with MultaRadar MRCD support, and without bundling the mediocre ShifterMax
  • October 2018 – MultaRadar MRCD detection is now available on the Uniden R1 and R3 via 1.46 firmware update!
  • April 2019 – introducing Uniden R7 featuring extreme performance with directional arrows
  • June 2019 – Uniden R7 gets K-Block, eliminating Honda/Acura BSM false alerts
  • July 2019 – KMPH is now an authorized Radenso dealer, carrying Pro-M and RC-M
  • August 2019 – AL Priority release CPU HW.4, now supports Assisted Radar Filter (ARF) using Bluetooth app to lock out up to 16 unique radar frequencies. It also requires GPS.
  • January 2020 – the AI-powered Radenso THEIA was announced to be in development at CES Show.
  • July 2020 – KMPH begins taking pre-orders on Escort Redline 360c

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