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AL Priority Rear sensor setup adds rear laser protection against police LIDAR targeting from overpass or highway ramp. Rear laser enforcement is heavily used in Edmonton and some other parts of Alberta, BC, and Ontario.


What is AL Priority Rear Defence Add-on?

AL Priority is the world’s most advanced multipurpose laser defense system. If you encounter police speed LIDAR targeting from the rear, typically from overpasses, road-side or highway entrance ramps, you will need to choose an ALP Rear add-on pack to your AL Priority system.

100% DragonCam and Overpass Laser Defence

2x ALP sensors on the same side (front or rear) are required for proper defense against DragonEye (ECCM active). We recommend either Dual (1 RX + TX-Black) for a regular-sized car, or triple (2 RX + TX-Black) for a very wide truck or SUV. The all-new TX Sensor adds significant firepower and protection.

Choose ALP Rear Laser Protection:

Dual (2x Regular ALP Sensors)

ALP Dual with two regular sensors is our minimum requirement for rear laser protection on a very small target such as a motorcycle. If rear DragonEye targeting is used in your area (ie. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba), consider choosing one of the TX packages below.

New Dual (1x Reg + 1x TX-BLK) + 2x extension cables

With the introduction of TX Sensor, this configuration can cover up to a full-size sedan. TX boosts protection against high PPS VPR LIDAR such as the DragonEye with ECCM.

New Triple (2x Reg + 1x TX-BLK add-on with splitter) + 2x extension cables

By mounting two regular sensors on either side and TX in the middle, this configuration is the bullet-proof front laser protection for a large SUV or truck! TX boosts protection against high PPS VPR LIDAR such as the DragonEye with ECCM.

Requirement for AL Priority Rear Add-on
  • You need an AL Priority Laser System (regular or HiFi)
  • GPS Module required for any TX sensor to work
  • If you have a short vehicle such as a Porsche 911 or similar, and don’t need sensor extension cables for the rear TX packages, let us know and we will remove the extensions from your order and credit back accordingly.
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