All-New ALP TX Sensor – the Game Changer

The most powerful TX sensor for AL Priority laser jammerInnovation has never stopped with Antilaser’s AL laser systems. With never ending new threats from VPR and high PPS LIDAR speed guns (ie. DragonEyes), AL releases an all-new transmit-only sensor that is the size of a loonie and 5mm thick, while packing 3 powerful laser diodes aiming at different angles maximizing coverage and performance.

TX sensors do not make the regular ALP sensors obsolete. Instead it requires at least one regular sensor as an “eye” to see the police laser beam / pulses. Please read on to learn what we recommend when you are building an AL Priority kit using our online configurator.

Front Laser Protection:

AL Priority Dual

ALP Dual with two regular sensors is our minimum requirement for front protection. The two front sensors can cover up to small – midsize vehicle with solid performance, especially vs. non-DragonEye LIDAR. ALP Dual is also ideal for motorcycles.

New AL Priority Dual (1x Reg + 1x TX)

With the introduction of TX Sensor, this configuration can cover up to a full-size sedan. TX boosts protection against high PPS VPR LIDAR such as the DragonEye with ECCM.

When using one ALP and one TX sensor, we recommended mounting the TX 17cm above the regular sensor

AL Priority Triple

AL Priority triple used to be a very popular legacy configuration for covering a larger SUV or truck. Since the new TX is ideally mounted 50cm or 20″ above ground, we recommend Triple regular sensors for a sports car that sits very low to the ground.

ALP TX sensor is not recommended if mounting position is too low to the ground

New AL Priority Triple (2x Reg + 1x TX)

By mounting two regular sensors on either side and TX in the middle, this configuration offers maximum front laser protection for a large SUV or truck! TX boosts protection against high PPS VPR LIDAR such as the DragonEye with ECCM.

This ALP configuration offers the world’s best front laser protection.

AL Priority front laser protection with dual ALP and one TX sensor Dual ALP with one TX protecting a F150 or Raptor Truck

Rear Laser Protection:

AL Priority Dual Rear (2x Reg)

This legacy 2-front and 2-rear install is the minimum requirement for all-around LIDAR protection. Should DragonCam photo LIDAR be a concern, see below for the more effective TX configurations.

New AL Priority Dual Rear (1x Reg + 1x TX)

By pairing one Regular and one TX Sensor on each side, this is the bullet-proof laser protection covering the front and rear of a full-size car.

On the rear, if mounting space is limited, TX can be placed beside a regular ALP sensor keeping 20cm apart.

Rear laser protection on the rear utilizing one ALP and one TX sensor with limited mounting space

New AL Priority Triple (2x Reg + 1x TX)

This offers the best rear laser protection especially on a large vehicle such as a truck or SUV.

If all 3 sensors can be aligned horizontally with proper spacing ~ 20cm from one another, TX should be placed in the middle the same way as front configuration. Otherwise, refer to the V-shape plate mounting diagram below.

Dual ALP with TX protecting the rear of an SUV gives bulletproof DragonCam protectionHow to mount 2x ALP and TX sensor on the rear licence plate

TX Sensor Requirements

TX sensor connects to F2 and/or R2 sensor port on the ALP control box, with at least one ALP sensor in F1 (if TX in F2) and R1 (if TX in R2).

TX Sensor using F2 and R2 sensor ports of AL Priority control box

GPS Module (GPS Mouse / Antenna) must be present, with GPS activated via Configurator ( When ALP TX Sensors are used, ALP will be in parking mode (green LED) when driving under 30 km/h, and activate laser defense (blue LED) when going beyond that speed.

TX Sensor is ideally mounted at least 50cm above ground. It should also be 20cm away from a regular ALP sensor when placed in-line horizontally. If a TX is mounted above another ALP sensor, it should be 17 – 25cm apart.

Each TX sensor kit comes with its unique mounting bracket.

ALP TX Sensor Mounting Bracket

Remember the following rules for mounting ALP sensors:

AL Priority laser jammer mounting rules

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