What’s Max Ci / Max Ci 360

Article Update (July 2018):

Escort Radar has recently (May 2017) released their latest custom installed systems – Max Ci and Max Ci 360 (North American edition), to replace their M3-based 9500Ci Pro / Platinum edition. MaxCi is a fully digital (DSP) radar system combined with two front ShifterMax laser heads for laser jamming. MaxCi 360 basically includes two additional ShifterMax heads for the rear, as well as a rear-facing radar antenna for directional arrows.

Escort MaxCi Canada

MaxCi’s ShifterMax Fails to Jam DragonEye LIDAR

According to a reputable laser jammer testing group RALETC, their recently conducted test on the MaxCi with ShifterMax has shown a very troubling result: MaxCi does not detect (or block) newer DragonEye with ECCM Mode. For those who haven’t learnt much about laser jammers – no detection means no defense, and that means a laser ticket! Same performance issues would apply to Escort’s upcoming ZR5 Shifters.

Source: RALTEC Max 360 Ci vs. DragonEye Compact

While DragonEye LIDAR may have a smaller market share in the United States, this deadly laser gun has become widespread across Canada. Not only is this LIDAR gun VPR (variable pulse rate), its new ECCM mode can defeat most laser jammers (except against AL Priority). For an outrageously expensive product from Escort, the new MaxCi’s laser performance is definitely disappointing.

Since Escort Radar has not been doing their own R&D on their shifters (jammers) since Laser Shifter Pro (LSP) from 2012, any time a new LIDAR threat comes out, we’d likely be waiting a long time before it gets addressed. Escort Laser Shifter Pro has received no new LIDAR support updates over 5 years.

Despite Escort Radar’s effort to release the v1.1 update, DragonEye performance is still mediocre at best with long distance punch-through speed readings. In today’s standard, that would be an unacceptable laser defence.

Escort MaxCi Lacks MultaRadar Support

Escort MaxCi does not support MultaRadar CDThe new Escort MaxCi does not support MultaRadar (MRCD) – which is a new type of photo radar which has become widespread in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and soon to be deployed in Ontario.

Escort’s own 9500Ci International supports MRCD, yet it’s not available on their latest flag-ship system.

Much Better Alternative Installed Radar Laser Systems Available

MaxCi 360 costs $6,700 CAD installed, only through selective installers. There’s no option to purchase products only without installation labour. Comparing the MaxCi360 to a fully-loaded AL Priority 5 sensors with HiFi option, plus Net Radar dual antenna radar add-on for under $3,500 + install, ALP and NetRadar combo is a much better performer against new LIDAR, and much more cost-effective. One can also choose the same ALP setup with 9500Ci-International for under $4K.

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