AL Priority on Lamborghini at 2017 Diamond Rally

AL Priority laser jammer on Lamborghini Aventador

We were extremely excited to represent AL Priority with our friends and co-sponsors at the Hublot Diamond Rally on May 6, 2017. Team KMPH would like to thank BPG Autosound and i Auto Haus for this opportunity at the annual supercar rally event in British Columbia.

The matte-wrapped, thunderous V12 Lamborghini Aventador provided by i Auto Haus is protected with AL Priority HiFi Triple (3 sensors) laser defense, beautifully installed by BPG Autosound (Richmond BC).

On Sea-To-Sky highway towards Squamish, the AL Priority system already saved our driver and a pack of supercars behind it from a hefty speeding fine!

AL Priority laser jammer on Lamborghini jams all laser speed guns

At Pemberton Airport where participating Diamond Rally drivers showed off their supercars’ power and potential (legally) on the closed circuit airport runway, we took out our LIDAR guns to measure vehicle speed as drag-races went on. Our friends at BPG Autosound also gathered lots of interest from participants and spectators with these police laser speed guns in hand, and educated them about the importance of having the best laser defense system and proper installation.

Supercars Ticketed and Impounded

During the full day Hublot Diamond Rally event, participating supercars and hypercars cruise from Vancouver to Pemberton on Sea-To-Sky Highway with pit-stops in Squamish and Whistler. Along the way many vehicles were ticketed for speeding, and on the return trip two cars were stopped and impounded for excessive speeding.

Why would anyone with a supercar take the risk of not having a good radar detector and proper laser defense installed? Speeding fines, insurance points, possible impoundment and suspension of driver’s licence can add up to thousands of dollars, let alone hiring a traffic attorney.

Featured Laser Defense and Radar Detector

AL Priority – the best laser defense on the market

AL Priority defends against all LIDAR guns including the latest VPR DragonEye, Laser Ally, and TruSpeed S speed guns. We recommend two to 3 sensors for maximum front coverage.

Radenso Radar Detector – German engineering

Team KMPH cruised along in a BMW support vehicle. Radenso Pro SE saved us from multiple Ka-band radar traps with long range early warning.

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