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Escort iXc is a long range radar laser detector featuring IVT filters against false alerts, GPS lockout against motion sensors, GPS camera database for intersection cameras, and Bluetooth connectivity for Escort Live.


Escort iXc Radar Detector has been discontinued

Long-range Radar Performance

The all-new Escort iXc radar detector is a strong contender that will replace the Passport Max and Max2 models. Escort iX features fast response on instant-on radar, as well as long-range early warning on X, K, and Ka bands. It also carries the signature “IX” model name from the award-winning Passport 9500ix. iXc now incorporates WiFi feature, like its flagship Max360c model.

New IVT Filter and TSR Reducing False Alerts

Modern cars are often equipped with radar-based (K-band) In-Vehicle-Technology that triggers false warning on radar detectors. Escort iXc features IVT Filter that reduces false alerts from collision avoidance systems and adaptive cruise control. Regular K-band TSR filter also eliminate false alerts from traffic sensors.

Intelligent GPS Truelock / AutoLearn, and Camera Database

Escort iXc has GPS built-in, which offers key features such as GPS Truelock and a pre-loaded camera database. TrueLock and AutoLearn allow the detector to automatically learn where false radar alerts occur, and lock out if necessary. Camera database covers red-light and fixed speed camera locations in Canada and the USA.

Multi-Colour OLED Display

Similar to Passport Max and Beltronics GT7 models, Escort iXc features a colourful display. User can set colours (Blue, Red, Green or Amber) according to the vehicle’s interior lighting accent.

Bluetooth, WiFi, and Escort Live

Escort iXc has bluetooth built-in for connecting to Escort Live app on any iPhone or Android smartphone. The Live app features live speed trap warning (subscription required). iXc also has WiFi built-in, allowing it to be connected to any in-vehicle WiFi hotspot for updates.

Escort iXc Includes

Escort iX includes a new EZ Mag Mount, new coiled cigarette lighter SmartCord USB, a travel case, and a Quick Reference Card.

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