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Escort Live SmartCord Availability

  • Cig-lighter Version (Android and iPhone) – SOLD OUT
  • DirectWire Version (Android and iPhone) – SOLD OUT
  • DirectWire for 9500Ci / STiR – SOLD OUT

Escort Live SmartCord is an alternative power cord for compatible Escort and Beltronics radar detectors. The Live SmartCord links the radar detector via Bluetooth to a SmartPhone (iPhone or Android), which enables various GPS and data services and features.

Escort Live SmartCord Features
  • Remote interface – Audible signals are alerted through the Smartphone running Escort Live app. If the phone is also linked with the vehicle’s handsfree BT profile, the sound will feed through the car’s stereo system and attempt to mute music that is being played.
  • GPS featuresTrueLock is one of the most desired feature on a radar detector, which can pick up K-band signals from automatic door sensors. These “false alert” locations can be stored in the phone’s app, which reduces unwanted alerts driving in town. Radar detectors without GPS (such as Beltronics STi Magnum and Escort Redline) will benefit the most.
  • Firmware update – make sure the SmartPhone the Live cord is connected to has internet. Then it can update your detector to the latest firmware without having to send it in to the factory for firmware reflash.
  • Live Speedtrap – Trapster-like features alert you to any recently reported speed traps from other users. This is a cloud based service, included in the free 1-yr subscription with the Live SmartCord purchase.
Escort Live Compatibility

You can choose a Direct Wire or Cig-lighter version of the Live Cord. You can also choose your compatible Smartphone OS, iPhone or Android.

Compatible radar detectors are Beltronics GT-7, STi Magnum, PRO 500, Pro 300 / V10, Escort Redline (other than initial batch), Passport Max, Passport 9500ix, Passport X50 Black Edition.

NOT compatible with “international version” Redline INTL, Max INTL, 9500Ci INTL.

Please make sure you choose the proper cord for your detector. We do not accept returns if you later find out that your detector isn’t compatible.

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