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Cheetah C150 GPS Camera Locator


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GPS Camera Detector

Cheetah C150 is the latest stand-alone GPS speed camera and red-light camera detector, using its award-winning Trinity 2.0 Database, proven to provide the most accurate and up-to-date fixed camera locations.

Note that Cheetah C150 is NOT a radar or laser detector.

New Design

C150 uses a new uncluttered LED display to display important driving and alert information. Digital speedometer remains visible at all times, and the clock as well as the compass keep the driver informed without distraction.

Improvement over previous C50

Multi-point false alert filtering has been improved, as well as the “effective distance” false alert filtering. C150 has also gotten more intelligent with directional alerts, giving much more accurate and specific alert descriptions. C150 has 1400 possible voice alert combinations. 

Cheetah C150 Key Features

  • Fully user configurable voice alerts
  • Alert mute
  • Dark mode for keeping the display off until an alert
  • Whisper mode – keep quiet under known speed limit
  • Adjustable alert distance
  • Store personal locations (up to 64)
  • Database update reminder
  • Adjustable brightness and Silent start-up
  • Database update (regional) subscription available through Cheetah
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