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Escort Max360 was the first radar detector from Escort to feature directional arrows, after V1’s patent has expired. It has since been replaced by the current Max 360c.

Escort Max 360

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Long-range “HD” Performance

Escort Passport Max 360 is the latest generation radar detectors that feature unique high-definition DSP which results in much longer radar detection range. Max 360 is also the first radar detector from Escort Radar to feature Directional Arrows for 360 degree protection. We only recommend Escort Max 360 for BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan because it is not undetectable to Spectre RDD.

360 Degree Detection with Directional Arrows

Escort Max 360 features 2 radar antennae, one forward facing and the other rear-facing to determine where the radar source is coming from. First introduced in a Valentine 1, now Escort Radar finally incorporates the same feature in the Max360 after Valentine Research’s patent expires.

Intelligent GPS Truelock and Camera Database

Escort Max 360 has GPS built-in, which offers key features such as GPS Truelock and a pre-loaded camera database. TrueLock and AutoLearn allow the detector to automatically learn where false radar alerts occur, and lock out if necessary. Camera database covers red-light and fixed speed camera locations in Canada and the USA.

AutoScan, City Mode, and new Traffic Signal Rejection

Reduces false alerts emitted by automatic door openers by selecting AutoScan, City or City-NoX Mode. Use “Highway” Mode for driving on an open road for maximum sensitivity. Escort Max360 includes Traffic Signal Rejection (TSR) setting for suppressing alerts from traffic “drones” that use K-band radar signal to sample traffic flow. It also reduces K-band alerts from other vehicles equipped with radar-based cruise controls and blind-spot assists.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Escort Live

Escort Passport Max360 has bluetooth built-in for connecting to Escort Live app on any iPhone or Android smartphone. The Live app features live speed trap warning (subscription required after 1-year).

Escort Max 360 Includes

Escort Max 360 includes a magnetic StickyCup mount, coiled cigarette lighter combo SmartCord, a travel case, and a Quick Reference Card.

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