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Radenso HD+ Remote Radar Add-On for ALP


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What is the Radenso HD+ Radar Add-on for AL Priority?

Looking for a stand-lone Radenso remote radar detector with GPS camera database?

Radenso is a German radar detector manufacturer who is dedicated in designing high performance radar detectors. In recent test on radar/laser enthusiasts forums, results have shown incredible performance from the Radenso PRO-SE, proven to defeat most Escort and Beltronics detectors in detection range and response time. Radenso’s HD+ antenna includes a slightly larger antenna horn, which unleashes its potential even further.

Radenso Remote HD radar receiverInstalled Radenso HD radar receiver

Radenso HD+ Remote Antenna is the radar receiver add-on designed to interface with Antilaser AL Priority laser defense. AntiLaser designed the R/G Plugin Module that links the radar antenna with the ALP control unit via the 975 interface port. The radar receiver is controlled by the AL Priority instead of using Radenso’s Genevo control unit, which is not yet released.

In short, the Radenso HD+ Remote Antenna is a radar detector add-on to an AL Priority laser system. ALP laser jammer is sold separately.

We highly recommend using the ALPConnect app on iPhone or Android (with optional Bluetooth Module). The app offers a much user-friendly interface with easy-to-use controls. Voice alerts are also enabled through the app.

Radenso HD+ Add-On includes

  • Radenso HD+ Remote radar receiver with receiver cable (weather-proof)
  • R/G Plugin Module – interfaces the radar receiver with AL Priority Control Box
  • Optional Bluetooth Module or HiFi Cset is recommended for enabling voice radar/laser alerts through AL Priority.
  • Optional GPS Module ($85) can be added to provide speed-controlled radar-mute and LID activation
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