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KMPH Package Special:

  • Sorry – we currently do not stock more V1 detectors. Please see the most current list of Radar-ALP packages.

Included Radar Detector – Valentine One (V1)

Valentine 1 – a high performance radar laser detector that yields excellent radar detection range as well as its exclusive directional arrow feature, indicating if the radar source is ahead or coming from behind. We ship the newest 2017 stock with the latest firmware, ESP, and Junk-K Fighter.

Included Laser Defense – AL Priority HiFi Model

AL Priority is the most powerful and reliable multi-purpose laser protection system for cars and motorcycles.

  • 100% legal laser parking sensor / park assist avoiding front bumper damage
  • Bulletproof protection against LIDAR based devices
  • Optional Bluetooth Module – available for iPhone/Android interface
  • Add optional Rear Protection – Rear Defense Add-on available

Choosing Front Laser Defense:

AL Priority Dual

ALP Dual with two regular sensors is our minimum requirement for front protection. The two front sensors can cover up to small – midsize vehicle with solid performance if DragonEye isn’t widespread in your area.

New AL Priority Dual (1x Reg + 1x TX)

With the introduction of TX Sensor, this configuration can cover up to a full-size sedan. TX boosts protection against high PPS VPR LIDAR such as the DragonEye with ECCM.

AL Priority Triple (3x Reg)

A very popular setup for 3-sensor up front installation for a larger SUV, truck, or on a wide sports car that has a front end too low to mount a TX sensor. 

New AL Priority Triple (2x Reg + 1x TX)

By mounting two regular sensors on either side and TX in the middle, this configuration is the bullet-proof front laser protection for a large SUV or truck! TX boosts protection against high PPS VPR LIDAR such as the DragonEye with ECCM.

Add Rear Laser Defense:

Package Upgrade Options:


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