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NetRadar DSP radar add-on package for an existing AL Priority laser system.


What is the Net Radar DSP?

Net Radar is a high performance radar add-on, co-developed by the Antilaser team. Net-Radar is not a stand-alone radar detector as it requires AL Priority system and RG3 Module to interface with ALP.

NetRadar DSP is the new generation radar antenna based on the new digital platform designed for ultimate radar performance, sensitivity, and best-in-class K-band filtering (eliminates false from blindspot monitors, adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance). The new DSP model also supports MRCD (in beta; performance and filtering to be improved by future firmware update).

  • NetRadar-DSP firmware update (updated exclusively via Bluetooth ALPConnect)
Net Radar with AL Priority Bundle

Net Radar Remote Antenna is a radar detector add-on to an AL Priority laser system. If you don’t already own ALP, take a look at the full packages below:

We highly recommend using the ALPConnect app on iPhone or Android (with optional Bluetooth Module). The app offers a much user-friendly interface with easy-to-use controls. Voice alerts are also enabled through the app.

Without using the Bluetooth Module and ALPConnect, ALP HiFi model is recommended for voice alerts.

Undetectable and Stealth for Eastern Canada

NetRadar DSP is functionally stealth and it will not be detected by Spectre Elite RDD.

K-band Traffic Sensor Filtering

Modern premium radar detectors all offer incredible long range performance. What separates them from the best is false alert filtering. Net-Radar for ALP offers aggressive K-band filter against BSM (blind-spot monitoring) and other radar-based sensors that cannot be blocked by GPS lock-out.

Net-Radar DSP Add-On Kit includes
  • Net-Radar DSP remote radar receiver with receiver cable (weather-proof).
  • RG Plugin Module 3.0 – interfaces the radar receiver with AL Priority Control Box
  • If your ALP is an older HW.2 and does not have a GPS Module, you’ll need to contact us to purchase one. GPS Module is not included with this purchase.
  • Either Bluetooth Module or HiFi Model is required for Net Radar and ALP integration for enabling voice radar/laser alerts.
  • Optional Rear Radar Antenna: you can add either a standard or DSP antenna for the rear
Net-Radar DSP Purchase Options (GPS Module NOT included)
  1. Net-Radar DSP front-antenna Kit ($850) includes
    1x NR DSP front antenna with cable
    RG 3.0 interface
    Requires ALP
  2. Net-Radar Dual DSP ($1,550) includes
    2x NR DSP front and rear antenna
    RG 3.0 interface
    Requires ALP
  3. Complete NetRadar DSP with ALP
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