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STiR Radar Add-on for ALP


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What is the STiR Radar Add-on for AL Priority?

Beltronics STiR Plus is currently the best custom installed radar detector available. Customers looking for the best radar and laser defense would consider combining the STiR Plus with an AL Priority system. Instead of purchasing and installing two products separately, AntiLaser designed the R/G Plugin Module that links the radar receiver with the ALP control unit. The radar receiver is controlled by the AL Priority instead of using its own Beltronics interface module.

In short, the STiR Integration Kit is a radar detection add-on to an AL Priority laser system.

AL Priority retains key performance feature on the STiR Plus – Ka band segmentation which improves response time against instant-on and quick-trigger radar. Radar and laser alerts will go through the standard ALP Control Set, but we highly recommend using the ALPConnect app on iPhone or Android (with Bluetooth Module). The app offers a much user-friendly interface with easy-to-use controls. Voice alerts are also enabled through the app.

Radar Integration Kit includes
  • Beltronics STiR radar receiver unit with receiver cable (weather-proof)
  • RG2 Plugin Module – interfaces the radar receiver with AL Priority Control Box
  • Optional Bluetooth Module or HiFi Cset is recommended for the integrated install enabling voice alerts
  • Optional GPS Module ($85) can be added to provide speed-controlled radar-mute and LID activation
Demo video – STiR Plus integrated with ALP vs Escort Redline

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