Antilaser and AL Priority

Antilaser has been the leading laser jammer designer and manufacturer for the past decade. The newest AL Priority is Antilaser’s 12th generation product, featuring fastest processing speed, high powered jamming diode, USB firmware upgradability, Bluetooth mobile connectivity via mobile app, and potential to interface with a 3rd party radar receiver and add-ons.

Proven Defense against the newest DragonEye and Other VPR LIDAR

AL Priority has been tested by many independent enthusiasts and radar/laser testing groups, and it’s the only laser defence product on the market to offer JTG (jam to gun) performance.

DragonEye LIDAR was once undefeated by ANY laser jammers in 2014. Then comes the AL Priority to crack the code to block all variants of DragonEye and DragonCam systems successfully. AL Priority continued to be voted the best laser jammer for the past two years since its release.

Like most of Antilaser’s predecessors, ALP is a perfectly legal “multi-purpose parking system”. LID (jam) timer allows 4-second defence with automatic shutdown, and the user can easily toggle the system into parking-only mode.

AL Priority Laser Sensors

AL Priority control box can connect up to 5 laser sensors. Due to the complexity of the new LIDAR guns, we only recommend getting AL Priority Dual or higher model (minimum of 2 ALP sensors).

If you live in or plan to travel to Edmonton, Saskatoon, or Winnipeg, AL Priority Quad (2 front 2 rear) is recommended.

ALP laser sensor is very small, so it can be discretely mounted. Outer sensor dimension (LxHxW) is 1.18 x 0.55 x 2.24 in (30x14x57 mm). Sensor cable is detachable for easy wiring and troubleshooting if needed, and the tail has a cable side-exit for shallow bumper / grill install.

AL Priority Control Options

ALP Basic
AL Priority comes with different controller options. AL names the controller the “Control Set”, which is the control pad with 2 buttons, a multi-colour LED, and a built-in buzzer that gives audible beeping alerts to any laser encounter. The basic kit provides the same laser performance as any other options.
ALP HiFi Control Set with Speaker
HiFi upgrade ($130) is a very popular option among enthusiasts who want to know which laser guns they get targeted with at a speed trap. It feature voice alerts, voice menu, and Lidar ID.
ALP Bluetooth Module with ALPConnect app
Another popular choice is the Bluetooth ALPConnect option. For $150 (CAD), Bluetooth Module allows wireless mobile connectivity using an iPhone or Android device. ALPConnect app offers a beautiful graphics user interface, and it connects to your ALP automatically when you start your car.
Bluetooth option is also extremely popular among those who prefers to do a DIY install by themselves. It saves lots of complex wiring work when your mobile phone is the only thing that stays inside the cabin.
RG Plugin Interface for STiR / Radenso / V1 radar detectors

Antilaser designs radar detector interface for the STiR and Radenso HD+ remote antenna, adding radar detection to the world’s best laser defence. V1 is also compatible with the integration. We will do another write and review on the radar integration this spring.

Conclusion on AL Priority

We are extremely impressed with the performance and build quality offered by the latest Antilaser AL Priority laser system. To sum up our review, ALP features:

  • High power jamming performance with wide angle detection
  • Covers all laser guns in Canada and USA (North American edition)
  • Smallest sensor head on the market
  • Control box connects up to 5 sensor units
  • LID Auto-Shutdown – prevents unintentional jam-to-gun and police hassle
  • Parking sensor for legal use in area that outlaws radar and laser detectors
  • USB firmware upgrade – continuous LIDAR support on new threats at no charge
  • Optional Bluetooth ALPConnect and HiFi Control Set for voice alerts
  • Radar Detector Add-on – STiR+, Radenso HD+, V1
  • 2-year factory warranty


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