AL Priority Control Box Firmware 5.2.1 Release Note 

(Release Date: 2015-12-16)

  • Advanced Laser Cruise Control (LCC) Filtering: Owners of LCC-equipped cars like Volvo, Mazda, Infiniti, etc. now can safely install and run ALP without interference. Users will need to select your type of vehicle on the configuration web site to enable additional filtering
  • Configuration Profiles: Double-click the Menu button to change between Profile Settings A, B or C. The selected Profile will be announced by voice over the HiFi Control set. This feature is only available on systems with voice output.
  • AL Priority now uses the CONFIG.alp and STATS.alp files, instead of the old SETUP.alp. website will create a CONFIG.alp file to transport your configuration to the ALP. When saving statistics from your ALP to a USB flash drive your ALP will create a STATS.alp file and a CONFIG.alp file. When sending your Statistics for support questions, send in your STATS.alp file only.
  • Improved LIDAR Support: Antilaser works very hard to acquire new (and expensive!) LIDAR guns so users can have protection against the latest threats. Details are no longer released to the public. However, it’s highly recommended that users stay up to date on Cbox firmware.
  • Added support for the Radenso HD+ radar antenna (coming soon!)
  • Various bug-fixes and stability improvements (Radar antennas, etc.).
  • Added support for Gen.2 Bluetooth Module.

Voicepack Update (Release Date: 2015-12-15)

Gen. 6 – required for HiFi Cset users.

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