What are the two Escort Redline models?

  • September 2017 update: Original Redline and Redline INTL have been discontinued
  • New Redline EX

Most Escort Redline radar detectors on the market are known as the “North American” model. We were lucky enough to bring in some International models since mid 2016 when MultaRadar photo radars became widespread across Alberta and Quebec.

This blog article will discuss the similarities and differences between the two models.

Models in comparison:

Escort Redline  Redline International

Similarities between Redline NA and Redline INTL

  • The two Redline detectors’ exterior casings look exactly identical
  • Both Redlines come with TotalShield – 100% RDD stealth and undetectable
  • 2016+ models include KaSW with RDR – Ka-band segmentation settings
  • Identical long range and quick response on K/Ka bands
  • Identical laser receivers for laser detection

Differences between Redline NA and Redline INTL

  • Redline INTL’s outer packaging sleeve has colourful flags on the bottom and “International” labelled on the upper left corner
  • Redline INTL powers up displaying “Redline INTL”
  • Redline INTL supports four MultaRadar settings including “MTRCD”
  • Redline INTL has three KSW segments for K-band, while Redline NA only allows K-on or off
  • Redline NA has TSR, while Redline INTL does not
  • Redline NA is compatible with Escort Live SmartCord, while Redline INTL is not

Frequently asked questions about Redline NA vs. Redline INTL

1. Are there hardware differences between the two?

Yes – as confirmed by Escort Radar, Redline International model includes MultaRadar detection hardware.

2. Can Redline North American version be updated to the International model?

No it cannot.

3. Will activating MultaRadar detection on the Redline INTL compromise its K/Ka radar performance?

No, there is no performance loss – as confirmed by multiple independent tests.

4. Can Redline INTL work with Escort Live and the Live SmartCord?

No. International models are NOT compatible with Escort Live, which is a North American cloud network.

5. Does Escort Redline International have warranty?

Yes. Any radar detector purchased through KMPH will have 1-yr replacement or repair warranty through us directly.

6. Got more questions?

Send us an email at sales@kmph.ca or give us a call.

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