Does Radenso make undetectable radar detectors?

Updated: 2020-Oct

Radenso Pro-M and the remote Radenso RC-M are the flag-ship high performance radar detectors from Radenso Radar.

Aside from focusing on their radar detection performance, GPS features and effective K-band filters, one of the most frequently asked questions is that are they undetectable and safe to use in Ontario and Quebec.

Radenso Pro SE and HD+ are “Near-Undetectable”

After confirming with Radenso Radar with video evidence, we concluded that Radenso Pro SE and Radenso HD+ are near-stealth, and are considered undetectable and safe to use in Eastern Canada.

The video below shows a German engineered Genevo One S detector, same antenna that Radenso Pro SE and HD+ are based on, in a Spectre RDD test face-to-face. Spectre RDD starts chirping as it closes in within 4 meters. Given any real-world scenario one would not be approached by a police car with Spectre RDD head-on in the same lane, we will classify these two ultra-low leakage models as undetectable to RDDs.

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