AL Priority Control Box Firmware 5.1.4 (Release Date: 2015-10-07)

  • Various bug-fixes and stability improvements (USB, GPS etc.)
  • A New Option Performance Tests is available in the Yellow menu (Yellow 9). This option will open a Sub-menu for all performance tests available; Zero to sixty; Sixty to Zero; Quarter Mile and Lap Time.
    Lap Time is a New Performance Test. It will temporarily turn your ALP system into a GPS Lap Time stopwatch, and will measure a vehicle’s time over a full lap.
    Performance Tests are ONLY available if a GPS antenna and a HiFi Control set are used.5. The Count Sensors option (Yellow-6) is now changed to Count and Memorize sensors. Use this function when you need to memorize system setup, without resetting to factory defaults.
  • Improved filtering against foreign LCC equipped cars (Volvo, Infinity, VW, Honda, Mazda,…).
    Laser defense has been improved in cases of external interference from LCC equipped vehicles.
  • Laser support improved (including the latest DragonEye Compact)

Voicepack Update (Release Date: 2015-10-07)

Gen. 5

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